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Zaniolo: ‘Who wouldn’t go to Juventus?’
Posted on Tuesday May 07, 2019

Juventus are taking decisive steps forward in their bid to sign Roma starlet Nicolo Zaniolo. The 19-year-old has enjoyed a breakthrough season with the Giallorossi and is reportedly one of the targets for Juve director Fabio Paratici. Corriere Torino now report that Zaniolo spent Monday evening at a nightclub and was asked by fans about […]

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Conte: ‘Juventus? You never know….’
Posted on Tuesday May 07, 2019

Antonio Conte refuses to rule out a return to Juventus but has ruled out a move to AS Roma this summer. The Ex-Bianconeri boss gave a lengthy interview to Gazzetta Dello Sport where he looked back at his Juve career and to his future as a coach. “Why did I leave Juventus? They were three […]

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Abel Whitson

Văn tế tướng sĩ Đồng Tâm
Posted on Tuesday January 14, 2020

Trần Đức Phổ (Danlambao)Hỡi ôi!Tiếng súng vang rềnTrời chưa sáng tỏMười năm đuổi cướp Hà thành còn chưa chắc thưởng công lao cho cái huy chươngMột trận đánh dân Đồng [...]

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